St. George Children's Museum

St. George Children's Museum

I am designing exhibits for the museum.  It is going to be a really fun and wonderful addition to our city!  One of the best projects I have ever worked on in my career (I feel like a kid).

Here are a few pics from the first exhibit - "Boots Cox Dairy Farm" and the "Post Office"
[My designs for the farm were built by Jeff Rawlings ~ mural painted by Marlo Rawlings.
Post Office built by Wes Cannon.]

Yes, this is a real milking cow! So much fun to try with your kids!
 Chicken coop with rooster and hen puppets.  Hens have wooden eggs underneath to take to the kitchen to cook.
 Gardening bed for children to plant and harvest.
 Retro farm kitchen - so cute and functional ~ kids can dress up as a chef, too : )

 Soft touch and feel panel to discover how different animals feel.

Post Office where kids can drop mail in postal boxes, collect the mail in a mail bag and mailman costume then sort the mail into the outgoing mail bins.
[ My designs for the post office were built by Wes Cannon and Brian Larkin]

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